Common House is a collectively-run space for community initiatives, activist groups and radical projects and organisations. It is not just a venue to be managed but is an attempt to organise and maintain space, relationships and resources for radical ideas and practices in Meanjin. It is run by individuals that understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other whilst struggling against the social, economic and environmental injustices created by capitalism and the oppressive forces that come with it. We acknowledge that much of our work is done on stolen Yuggera and Turrabal land and that sovereignty was never ceded and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

We seek to work with any and all people who are struggling for a better society in a spirit of openness, democracy and solidarity.

Our principles

  • We are anti-capitalists
  • We fight for decolonisation
  • We stand for climate justice
  • We are feminist
  • We fight for queer liberation
  • We are trans and sex worker inclusive and intersectional
  • We stand for the rights of people with disabilities
  • We are internationalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-war
  • We are anti-racist and anti-fascist
  • We are for the right to freedom of movement and the abolishment of borders
  • We are for direct democracy, community control and autonomy – a world without corporate and state control of our lives

Our purpose is:

  • To provide a regular home for groups involved in challenging capitalism and its corollaries imperialism, racism, cis/hetero/sexism, ableism, and imagining/building alternatives
  • To create space for the cross-fertilisation of above groups and encourage skill-sharing, collaboration and comradeship
  • To provide a shared and collectively managed resource to sustain us, help to meet our needs and counter the ways in which our lives are made difficult under capitalism
  • To develop and explore the concept of ‘commoning’ as collaborative action around a shared set of radical politics and organising cultures which help to reproduce our space and community
  • To encourage and develop a way of working together for mutual benefit that is collaborative, supportive, respectful, aware of power differentials and critical of hierarchy 
  • To work against oppression and exploitation of other people as well as of our environment
  • To contribute to the infrastructure of the radical left and form alliances with other campaigns and collectives which work to similar ends
  • To enable communities, groups and individuals affected by intersecting oppressions to be part of this wider community, and to support each other in our struggles

Support the Cause
BSB: 06 4002
Account number: 1036 2467

Common House
74B Wickham St, Fortitude Valley.
0403 607 526

Copyright Common House – All rights reserved

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